FY G3 Ultra
Classic design with brand new features
Cost-effective Stabilization Solution

Foundation of Action Stabilization
The Gold Standard of Entry Level Handheld Gimbal
Compatible with GoPro HERO4/ 3+/ 3 and other cameras with similar dimensions
Classic Design. Easy to Operate.
G3 Ultra 3-axis handheld gimbal is professionally designed and built to last.
Three Unique Operating Modes.
There is always one that fits you
  • Panning Mode —— Camera is permitted to pan left or right. Vertical tilts or rolls are restricted.
  • Panning/Tilting Mode —— Camera is permitted to pan left or right and tilt up and down. Rolls are restricted.
  • Full-Axis-Lock Mode —— Camera stays in its current orientation. All panning, tilting and rolls are restricted.
Extend The Reach. Expand Your View.
Extension pole allows the user to see from a new perspective.
Increase the usage time with optional extended battery pack.