Iteration Optimization
Improved and optimize on the basis of G4
Pan/Tilt/Roll 3-axis 360 degrees coverage,
supports GoPro power charging and video relay,
adopt with the latest 4-directional control stick.
Give you ultimate experience while using the
G4S for shooting.
Full degrees in all 3 axis
no limit while shooting
Using the revolutionary
technique-360degrees+slip ring design
Pan/Tilt/Roll 3-axis 360 degrees coverage
Quick-access clip
Adopt newly designed quick-access clip system
Faster, securer, prettier, with internal buffering cushion
Protect the GoPro from scuffing
Direct charge
10-pin mini-USB interface built-in to the tilting motor, support GoPro power charging and video relay,
so far, it is the best charge mode in intra-industry
Streamlined single-button
control scheme
Streamlined single -button control scheme
replaces old mechanical power button for
fast operating modes switching and power-on.
simplify operation, better hand-touching,
Improve operating experience
4-Directional Control Stick
4-directional control stick assists camera angle adjustments. Control is always at your fingertips.
4-directional control can response the driver force accurately, linear output, keep smooth movement.
Direct Access to Storage Data
Seamless interaction with the GoPro data interface, direct access to GoPro’s storage data.
More compatible
New built-in tripod mount
1/4 thread for all 1/4 thread screw accessories
Wireless RC, breakthrough the distance
Surpport FY 2.4G wireless module,can realize the distance within 15meters.
Break through the traditional control distance limitation,making the creation more freely