G4 Battery Extender
The battery extender supports the G4 series handheld gimbal. It includes two 18650 lithium batteries, a charger and an extended battery pole. The battery extender increases usage time to more than 10 hours.
Gimbal Extension Bar
The extension bar increases your G4 gimbal’s reach by up to 35cm. It weighs only 60g and features threaded ends for linking multiple bar together for further reach.
G4 Gimbal GoPro Charging Cable
The GoPro charging cable attaches to the dedicated port on the G4 gimbal body to provide power to the GoPro camera. Users will no longer be required to replace their GoPro batteries during extended filming sessions.
G4 Gimbal GoPro Video Output Cable
The GoPro video output cable attaches to the dedicated port on the G4 gimbal to send video signal from camera to the gimbal. Users can then use the USB interface to send the video signal to an external device for real-time monitoring.
GPS module

Can improve the function of fixing height and fixing orientation,flight routes, automatic r turn and automatic hovering for flight control.

Can lock the course of the aircraft and maintain a flight height and amend the aircraft's displacement deviation.
Can set up to 20 way points, to achieve automatic flight. And the flight parameters can be set up by GCS, to monitor and record the flight route.

Remote Control Relay Module
The remote control relay module extends the reach of regular radio signal by relaying it as digital signal to other devices. A typical RC signal reach is around 600 meters (highly dependent on RC receiver’s capability). This distance is usually unable to fulfill the requirement for large scale surveillance. With the remote control relay module, the signal distance can be extended to more than 10 kilometers. This reach enables a stable First-Person-View flying experience for extended distance. The FY-GCS ground station software can also be used in combination of the Remote Control Relay Module to monitor and record flight path and other statistics.
G4 Gimbal Remote Control
Designed for the G4 series handheld gimbal, the remote control provides the user a way to change the operating mode when accessing the gimbal handle is either inconvenient or impossible. The remote control includes an USB cable that can be attached to the gimbal body. The white button on the remote control provides the same functionality as the function button on the gimbal. Additionally, the G4 gimbal can be calibrated by pressing the directional button on the remote control in different operating modes.
X8 carrying case
Carrying case , specially designed for X8, with strong and durable texture, reasonable box layout, can effectively use the space in the box to place the aircraft and accessories, and supply a security during transportation.
Taking off for X8 , Skycam and other fixed wings Solid and firm structure is a powerful guarantee for the takeoff of a fixed wing aircraft.
Airspeed meter
Airspeed meter can measure aircraft airspeed, airspeed speed relative to the GPS, has a little delay and little affected by wind characteristics. You can use automatic airspeed to achieve effective control of throttle, improve the efficiency of the flight and flight safety, make flying more stable.
FY-AHRS-2000B Attitude and
Heading Reference Systems
FY-AHRS-2000B is a high-performance strap down inertial navigation system that can measure any point of orientation of the entire locomotive and vehicle in the 3D space. AHRS could make high-precision positioning for any stationary or moving objects with angular velocity, even short magnetic interference will not affect the heading accuracy of the AHRS. The system can be carried out AHRS magnetic field calibration, to eliminate the