• SPG c 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal Manual


  • Feiyu On App V2.06 (Android Version)


  • SPG & SPG c & SPG Live Gimbal Firmware V1.50


  • SPG Series Gimbal Setting V1.1 & Operation Instruction
  • SPG c Gimbal Firmware Upgrade Software
  • USB Drive for Windows
  • Firmware upgrade software and USB drive for Mac
    2017-02-16 15:30:19

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Feiyu ON V2.06 Update Explanation:

1. Support the α1000 function.

2. Improve other functions.

Feiyu ON V2.05 Update Explanation:

1. Add the setting of Speed for motion time lapse and time interval for timed photography in auto-rotation mode of Alpha 2000 (α2000).

2. Add some tips about main interface when enter the APP for the first time.

3. Improve other functions.

Feiyu ON V2.04 Update Explanation:

1. Add the speed setting for motion time-lapse ,working with auto-rotation mode (Ony for WG2 and G5).

2. Imporve other perfermences(such as the issue of SPG series that Zooming in /out is not smooth ,etc.)

Feiyu ON V2.03 Update Explanation:

1. Improve Vimble c zoom function.

2. Improve other functions.

Feiyu ON V2.02 Update Explanation:

1. Improve the face detection and face tracking.

2. Add SPG c and α2000.

3. Fix upgrade firmware issues.

4. Improve other functions.