• MG V2 3-Axis Mirrorless Camera Gimbal Manual
  • MG V2 Manual - Italian


  • Feiyu On App V3.0.9 (Android Version)


  • MG V2 & MG Lite Gimbal Firmware V1.47
  • MG V2 & MG Lite Gimbal Firmware V1.46


  • MG Lite & MG V2 Gimbal Firmware Upgrade Software
  • USB Drive for Windows
  • MG Lite & V2 Firmware Upgrade Software and USB Drive for Mac

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* Requires iOS 9.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later

Android   iOS
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Feiyu ON V3.0.5 Update Explanation:

1. Add the photo mode to long press the video, short press the photo.

2. Add Bluetooth mic.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.4 Update Explanation:

1. Added follow-up settings, motor force adaptation.

2. Fix g6 camera connection problem.

3. Fix can not discovery MG V2.

4. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.2 Update Explanation:

1. Optimize gimbal connect to camera, object tracking and user experience.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.0 Update Explanation:

1. New UI Design, support full Feiyu gimbal product.

2. Support on object tracking.

3. Support on AI video clip.

4. Add video tutorial,video skill mode.

5. Support on phone camera configuration.

6. Optimzation on photo album.

Feiyu ON V2.1.28 Update Explanation:

1. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V2.1.25 Update Explanation:

1. Replace the G6 upgrade address.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V2.1.24 Update Explanation:

1. G6 and G6P join automatic adaption force switch.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V2.1.12 Update Explanation:

1. Support G5GS function.

2. Increase the first page into the album features.

3. Improve other functions.