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  • Feiyu On App V3.2.8(Android Version)

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* Requires iOS 9.0 or later,  Android 6.0 or later

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Feiyu ON V3.2.8 Update Explanation:

1. Added Hitchcock mode.

2. Fixed can't take panoramic shots in portrait.

3. Optimize the automatic panorama.

4. Added AK series library upgrade.

5. Fixed some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.2.7 Update Explanation:

1. Fix can't connect to a1000 or a2000.

2. Fix auto panorama is invalid.

Feiyu ON V3.2.6 Update Explanation:

1. Add track recording.

2. Add long press on the screen to lock the exposure.

3. Fixed cannot record when Bluetooth paired.

4. Fixed new firmware reminding.

5. Fixed bluetooh recording invalid.

6. Fixed slow motion invalide.

7. Fixed other known bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.2.5 Update Explanation:

1. Fixed automatic panorama function invalid.

2. Fixed other bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.2.4 Update Explanation:

1. Fix G6 connection camera bug.

2. Fix Gimbal advanced settings click invalid.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.2.3 Update Explanation:

1. Added trigger key function setting of Gimbal.

2. Fixed known bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.2.0 Update Explanation:

1. Brand new phone camera UI. Simple mode and professional mode are provided.
Users can begin using camera rapidly under simple mode,under professional mode, the more phone camera paramter can be configured.

2. New gimbal parameter configuration page.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.12 Update Explanation:

1. Add some cameras.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.11 Update Explanation:

1. Fix AK series can not be upgraded.

2. Fix can't search Wifi.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.10 Update Explanation:

1. Fix video can not play.

2. Fix automatic panorama does not work.

3. Optimize Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.9 Update Explanation:

1. App will scan and connect gimbal which has the biggest signal strength automatically when app starts, no need to choose product.

2. Newly supported DSLR added.

3. Fix WG2X can't upgrade Bluetooth firmware.

4. Fix Gimbal parameter setting horizontal screen display incomplete.

5. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.7 Update Explanation:

1. Support 8K shooting.

2. Support panoramic photo quality selection.

3. Add gimbal battery indicator.

4. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.154 Update Explanation:

1. Move video editor watermark.

Feiyu ON V3.1.4 Update Explanation:

1. Support beauty filter.

2. Support Long exposure, Lightrail.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.3 Update Explanation:

1. Add photo timer.

2. Optimize panorama.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.1 Update Explanation:

1. Fixed the issue that A series can't read and save motor parameters.

2. Fixed unable to open video tutorial on Android9.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.1.0 Update Explanation:

1. Camera optimization.

2. Adding several kinds of camera filters.

3. Object tracking modification, improved the tracking speed, efficiency and accuracy.

4. Panorama photo modification, improved the synthesis rate, and efficiency.

Feiyu ON V3.0.16 Update Explanation:

1. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.15 Update Explanation:

1. Fix can't find Gimbal in some system language.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.13 Update Explanation:

1. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.9 Update Explanation:

1. Fix some black screen problems.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.8 Update Explanation:

1. Introduce Feiyu new product WG2X.

2. Change Motor Strength Settings Page.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.6 Update Explanation:

1. G6 and G6P add the adaptation of some cameras.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.5 Update Explanation:

1. Add the photo mode to long press the video, short press the photo.

2. Add Bluetooth mic.

3. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.4 Update Explanation:

1. Added follow-up settings, motor force adaptation.

2. Fix g6 camera connection problem.

3. Fix can not discovery MG V2.

4. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.2 Update Explanation:

1. Optimize gimbal connect to camera, object tracking and user experience.

2. Fix some bugs.

Feiyu ON V3.0.0 Update Explanation:

1. New UI Design, support full Feiyu gimbal product.

2. Support on object tracking.

3. Support on AI video clip.

4. Add video tutorial,video skill mode.

5. Support on phone camera configuration.

6. Optimzation on photo album.