Feiyu Cam
Film what you love,

Feiyu Cam APP is a video software for Feiyu Pocket(stabilized camera) users,with multiple functions to help users achieve their professional video needs.The operation is simple and user-friendly,allowing users to enjoy all the fun of video shooting and editing.

Easy to shoot

Intelligent remote control

This allows you to easily set the camera parameters and select shooting modes without complicated operations.Make your images the best they've ever been.Motion sensing,a "magic master",lets the camera swing in the direction the phone is moving in one second.More functionality,more creativity.

  • Object
  • Motion
  • Flip (Selfie)
  • Panorama

Ready to play

Shooting preview

Real-time image transfer via WiFi allows you to preview the footage on the Feiyu Cam APP.Accurately control the gimbal to make timely adjustments of shooting effects.Open the grid line function to composite a balanced and level layout.Even a beginner can easily capture a perfect image.

Professional Functions at Your Fingertips

Connecting to the Feiyu Cam APP allows you to set up more shooting functions,giving photographers a smooth and professional experience,such as time parameter setting for time-lapse shooting,quick lock framing,frame selection,etc.,so you can enjoy shooting anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy the Love of Creation

Feiyu Cam APP provides powerful video and picture editing functions for users.You can download materials to your mobile phone and add custom styles,emojis,graphics,etc.The intelligent filter beautifies you all the way.Edit and publish in one go,and share the beautiful scenery and interesting images with your friends.

Detailed Information Is Available

Besides the smooth operation control,the Feiyu Cam APP also provides all kinds of information,instructions,product manuals,and tutorials.Want to learn shooting skills or get creative inspiration?Then you'll find your answers here.

Description of permissions to apply for use

Identify phone status and identity:Obtain the unique identification information of the device,which is only used for usage statistics.
Obtain phone storage permission:File storage such as photos and videos.
Obtain the location permission:Used to search for Bluetooth or WIFI devices.The Android system determines that device search must obtain the location permission.