Action Cameras Gimbal

Action Cameras Gimbal

  • Stabilized Handheld Camera

  • Action Cameras Gimbal

  • Feiyu Pocket 2S

    Feiyu Pocket 2S is a gimbal camera with separate design and ultra-light wearable.

  • Feiyu Pocket 2

    Feiyu Pocket 2 is a very small gimbal camera that can be put in your pocket when you go out.

  • Feiyu Pocket

    Feiyu pocket, the stabilized handheld camera, is a new type of intelligent handheld shooting device, which adopts the integrated design of gimbal and camera. It is lighter and smaller, one-handed holding, and easy to carry. It also has a large touch scree

  • Summon+

    Feiyu Summon+ allows you to take panoramic photos via just one tap and share your photos to your phone immediately.

  • Vimble 2A

    Telescopic Light-weight Action Camera Gimbal

  • WG2X

    The Feiyu WG2X makes HERO shooting more advanced. It is a light and steady performance master which accompanies you all the way to see the beautiful expected landscape.

  • G6

    FeiyuTech G6 Action Cameras Gimbal

  • G5 GS

    The gimbal body is detachable and portable to carry, And it is easy to change from the single handheld model to the dual handheld model. Splash proof design. The new model G5GS is far more than these.

  • G5

    Feiyu G5 3-Axis Splashproof Handheld Gimbal for GoPro Hero5 Action Cameras.

  • WG2

    Feiyu WG2 let you create more possibilities for photography.

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