Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone Gimbal

  • Smartphone Gimbal

  • Vimble 3 SE

    Feiyu Vimble 3SE has been specifically designed for smartphones. It is compact and portable and does not require complicated balancing steps. The gimbal can intelligently identify a range of different scenes as well as track subjects. With nothing to slow

  • Vimble 3

    Vimble 3 is a brand-new smartphone gimbal from Feiyu. It has a built-in 198mm extension rod, and you can easily get all the pictures from far, near, high and low, and it can also intelligently recognize the scene.Great gimbal,great video.

  • VLOG pocket2

    Small and portable, gesture control, joystick operation, zoom control, AI intelligent follow, one key switch horizontal and vertical shooting, direct control of native camera

  • Vimble One

    Extendable Handheld Smartphone Gimbal for Live Streaming and Anti Shaking

  • Vimble 2S

    Smartphone Gimbal with 18CM Extension

  • VLOG pocket

    VLOGpocket is designed for shooting Vlog, it is the lightest foldable smartphone gimbal in the market. It supports built-in camera of Smartphone, intelligent object tracking and 240g payload capacity. VLOGpocket enables users to grasp various high-level t

  • SPG2

    FeiyuTech SPG2,Video and audio combination

  • Vimble 2

    Newly added 18cm long extension bar gives more enjoyment when taking selfies and taking group photo. It gives smart phone wider frame and the beautiful scenery can be framed in easily.

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