DSLR Mirrorless Gimbal

DSLR Mirrorless Gimbal


  • Feiyu SCORP 2

    From ease of install to payload performance to interactive design,SCORP 2 is your companion for creating and capturing amazing content.It is specially built for mirrorless cameras,with a load capacity of up to 2500G,and can easily accommodate a wide range

  • Feiyu SCORP-Mini 2

    For photography enthusiasts,the array of available equipment often caters to distinct requirements and finding a gimbal that adequately suits a range of equipment can be challenging.For this reason,the Feiyu SCORP Mini 2 has undergone an upgrade so that i

  • Feiyu SCORP MINI

    Feiyu SCORP-Mini is an all-round stabilizer that can carry four types of equipment. The shooting posture is more comfortable, the touch screen control is easier to use, and the installation is faster and easier to level. The advantage of the structure is

  • Feiyu SCORP C

    Feiyu SCORP C is a personal weapon specially made for Sony A7. Compatible with various mirrorless and SLR models, the innovative structure is only for more comfortable shooting. All kinds of application shooting scenes can be satisfied, everything.

  • Feiyu SCORP Pro

    FeiyuScorpPro, is a modular design with a detachable suspension handle, which can be applied to various shooting scenes, separate handle and grip, a versatile professional three-axis stabilizer

  • Feiyu SCORP

    FeiyuSCORP, is a professional three-axis stabilizer specially designed by FeiyuTech for mirrorless single-lens and DSLR cameras. It is compatible with mainstream cameras on the market. It has a single handle and can be flexibly used in a variety of scenar

  • AK2000C

    Capture watch you love

  • G6 MAX

    The first vlog gimbal for young people

  • AK2000S

    A Gimbal for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

  • AK4500

    The new strong magnetic high torque brushless motor is full of hard cores and has a payload of 4.6kg, adapt all the mainstream SLR cameras at present. Super-strong payload capacity.

  • AK4000

    Touch-control operation,The monster of load

  • AK2000

    Touch-control operation,More Than A Flagship

  • G6 Plus

    A portable gimbal with follow focus and compatible with mobile phones and many types of cameras

  • a Series

    Feiyu a2000 3-Axis Gimbal for Mirrorless, DSLR Cameras.

  • QING

    Specifically designed for mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras, intelligent gimbal Qing accommodates for all the mainstream cameras on the market, allowing for time-lapse photography, panorama, ultra-wide photo, etc.

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