Three-axis Design
Focus on Creation

Focus on creation and don't worry about unwanted camera movement and shake thanks to the extra stability provided from the aviation grade aluminum design of this professional three-axis gimbal.

Any Phone,Any Angle

The extra-large carrying capacity of the gimbal can accommodate
even the biggest of phones whilst maintaining the freedom to
shoot smooth footage from any angle.

Underslung Grip
Ease Of Control

Whether filming from a high or low angle,the integrated
underslung handle is comfortable to grip,making it easy to
capture smooth,steady footage with the SCORP Mini P.

Simplified Single
Button Functionality

A simplified operation panel with full keyboard control makes it easy to operate.


Push:Control the movement of the tilt and pan axes.

④Shutter button

Press half way:Focus
Single tap(Fully):Start/Stop recording/Take photo
Long press(Fully):Switch

②L button

Single tap:Turn left continuously
Single tap again:Switch rotating speed

⑤Mode button

Single tap:Switch among PF/PTF/FPV mode
Tap five times:Horizon calibration


Single tap:Enter auto rotation mode
Single tap again:
(1)Exit auto rotation mode
(2)Pause the roration

⑥R button

Single tap:Turn right continuously
Single tap again:Switch rotating speed

More Useful

Fast installation

Simply install the phone to get started,regardless of the roll axis orientation.

3-Axis Independent Motor Lock

Each axis has its own independent lock whick is convenient for storage and safer for travel.

Manual positioning

Control horizontal or vertical recording manually.

Multifunction Knob

The multifunction knob can control both the focusing and focal length from within the FeiyuON app and can precisely control all 3 axes.

Connecting To The App
Unlock More Features

Connecting to the Feiyu ON APP.To unlock PTZ remote control,parameter settings,object tracking,dolly zoom effect,time lapse photography and more functions.

Wireless connection,Remote Shooting
AI photo retouching,One click optimization
Object tracking,Smart rotation
Download wirelessly,Share anytime

Enjoy Filming,Stunning Captures

  • Auto-rotate
  • Panoramic photography
  • Time-lapse photography

Multiple Shooting Modes,
Makes Filming More Creative

Magnetic fill light
Scorp shoe mount
Tracking module

The SCORP series has won the International Design Award and the DGP Imaging Award Gold Prize

Professional-grade anti-shake technology , Unparalleled quality.

Optional Accessories

①SCORP-Mini P x 1  ②Tripod x 1  ③Manual x 1  ④Cable USB-C x 1