Portable all-round G6 Plus

A portable gimbal with follow focus and compatible with mobile phones and many types of cameras

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Small, but more capable

Small and portable body supports all types of cameras within 800g Easily compatible with GoPro, mobile phones, Pocket video camera, and Micro-single lens reflex camera for easier installation



Function Button

Shutter Button

Multifunction Knob

Original multifunction “Magic Focus Ring” creates unlimited possibilities

It's so easy to control the entire field of vision

Connecting WIFI to a compatible device to control the filming, shooting, follow focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white-balance, exposure value, and switching mode functions of three professional camera brands and GoPro

(*View adapter camera reference)

Wifi + Bluetooth dual module connection

By connecting to WiFi, G6Plus can control the camera to adjust the focus, switch the shooting mode, select the resolution, etc. Shoot single handed, liberating the other hand.

Note: The camera WiFi password can only be obtained through Feiyu ON App for the first connection; the same camera doesn’t need to connect to Feiyu ON App for the second connection

"Exquisite eyes" making the status of equipment clear at a glance

Low-power OLED display screen displays the parameters of gimbal and camera, the current operating mode, the battery level, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

Manual rolling adjustment to meet additional requirements for composition of pictures

Rolling adjustment function button on the back easily switches the personalized landscape composition of pictures

Long-lasting and powerful battery life enables more inspiration to come true

Energy-optimized algorithms combining with high-energy, high-density batteries, brings efficient and long-lasting battery life

Up to12hours battery life

Iterative image stabilization algorithm
Super performance motor

New iterative platform image stabilization algorithm with low-power and high-torque brushless motor creates higher accuracy and faster response

1/4 inch threaded holes on the bottom and side

The body comes with 1/4 inch threaded holes which are compatible with all photographic equipment accessories with 1/4 inch thread on the market

Extended accessories

Various types of Feiyu accessories are optional

Portable all-round G6 Plus