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Three-axis follow mode simulates space status, enabling you to enjoy the beauty of images shot in zero gravity

SPG2 super-torque motor combined with an intelligent anti-shake algorithm, even in the extreme environment like sky and earth are spinning round, the three axes can accurately follow the intricate angle to make breathtaking creations with special effects.

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Triple click on function button to enter full follow mode

Double click on the trigger button to reset

Enter full follow mode

Reset (Enter pan follow mode)

Rotating the gimbal to the left or right with the base point being vertical to the ground, three axis can instantly follow the angle accurately so as to achieve the desired shooting effect.

Bluetooth dual-mode enables the mobile phone audio interface to get better audio quality

Data and audio Bluetooth dual channel connection not only provides data channels for gimbal and mobile phone, but also provides audio expansion interface for external audio receiving equipment.

Remarks: 1: Audio jack on the handle part of SPG2 only supports American standard mic. If you have National standard mic, Please find 3.5mm Audio Jack CTIA to OMTP adapter to fit for SPG2.
2:The mic should be compatible with smartphones, if you have mic for camera, please find the adapter. If more info.needed, please check user manual.

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Bluetooth Low Energy transmission

Audio transmission

SPG2 can control the mobile phone after bluetooth dual-mode connection

With the creative trigger button, you can follow your inclinations to do any creations in "shadow hunting" mode

After "shadow hunting" mode is activated, SPG 2 will enter fast lock and reset status, thus, it can rapidly respond to any rotations of each degree, quickly capturing the wonderful moment, and achieving the effect of "obtaining from wherever you turn towards"

Easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting mode

better Tik Tok/Live Show/ Vlog playing experience

Unique multifunctional "magic ring" brings unlimited creative possibilities

By connecting Feiyu ON App, you can use “magic ring” to manually control the following focus and zooming of the phone, and precisely adjust the rotation of pan, roll and tilt motors.

  • Control phone zoom

  • Control the follow focus of mobile phone

  • Fine control PTZ three axes

Splash-proof design

With the splash-proof design, it achieves splash and dust-proof performance. No need to worry about creating your video on a rainy day.

Exclusive app meets more of your needs

  • Support parameter adjustment

  • Intelligent time-lapse photography

  • Panorama photography

  • Slow motion photography

Support the parameter setting such as zooming, manual follow focus, ISO, white balance, exposure value, zooming speed, motor strength, follow speed , virtual joystick, offline system upgrading and so on.

Support to adjust the interval time per frame

Tripod status supports quiescent time-lapse photography, moving time-lapse photography/ and motion trail set time-lapse photography.

Panoramic shooting, automatic framing, cool playing method enables you to lead the latest fashion trend among your friends.

Slow motion recording mode creates wonderful moment.

More features

  • Anti-shake "core" algorithm Super motor supplies powerful driving force

    With new iterative W5 anti-shake algorithm combining, high-precision brushless motor, low power consumption, large torque, the ultra-high load capacity for mobile phone with stronger anti-shake stability, and the 1/4-inch threaded port, SPG 2 enables more accessory expansion to meet the needs of gimbal modification enthusiasts.

  • OLED display shows the device status clearly on one screen

    Low power consumption OLED display screen can display the parameters, current operating mode, battery power level, Bluetooth connectivity, and other status of the gimbal and camera.

  • Two-way power supply, 14 hours of battery life

    The gimbal with output interface for mobile phone phone power charging, supports charging by power bank in use. Large capacity battery working with low-consumption motor provides battery life as long as 14 hours.