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The Feiyu SCORP APP is an exclusive application created especially for this three-axis handheld camera stabilizer. Just connect to the APP via Bluetooth for accurate control. There’s also a wealth of different function modes available and you can unlock additional controls and settings for your gimbal providing an extraordinary experience.
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Intelligent remote control
Follow your heart

Intelligent remote control: After connecting the Feiyu SCORP APP, you can control the gimbal remotely, switch the working mode, select the shooting mode, control the shutter and more. Even if you are shooting alone, you will have complete control to film without restrictions. The virtual joystick allows photographers to freely control the pitch or pan angle of the gimbal, capturing more dynamic footage.

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Somatic Remote:By adopting leading edge somatosensory technology, the mobile phone can also be turned into a remote control. The direction of the gimbal is remotely controlled by the mobile phone's gravity somatosensory, which brings more possibilities for shooting. Creating an immersive experience that’s fun to use.

Professional settings at your fingertips

After connecting the Feiyu SCORP APP, you can easily set various working modes for the stabilizer and adjust your camera parameters. With a mobile phone, everything is in control, easily obtain realistic and natural shooting results.

  • Parameter settings:The Feiyu SCORP APP not only supports the traditional stabilizer direction control, horizontal calibration, and various parameter settings, but also supports the latest camera parameter settings, which maximizes the functionality of the device, meaning your next blockbuster is ready to go!
  • Button settings:According to your own usage habits, Feiyu SCORP APP supports custom button functions. Handy controls while shooting make video creation more fluid.
  • Firmware upgrade:Upgrading the firmware is simple and improves user experience. Just click the icon to view the updateable version model and optimized content.

Abundant information to meet all your needs

As a professional video application, the Feiyu SCORP APP contains detailed instructions, product manuals and more. An abundance of information to meet all your needs. Here, you can also view various tutorial videos to inspire your creativity and to interact with other video creators.

Description of permissions to apply for use

Identify phone status and identity
Obtain the unique identification information of the device, which is only used for usage statistics.
Obtain phone storage permission
For file storage such as photos and videos
Obtain location permission
Used to search for Bluetooth or WIFI devices. The Android system determines that the device must search to obtain the location permission.
Bluetooth search permission
Bluetooth search permission is required for Android version 12 to obtain search results of Bluetooth devices
Bluetooth connection permission
The Bluetooth connection permission is necessary for Android version 12 to connect with the Bluetooth device. The application needs to obtain the Bluetooth connection permission before establishing a connection for communication debugging.