• 1.  How many ways for AK4500 control with cameras?
    1) Shutter release cable:
    Shutter release cable for Panasonic cameras *1
    Shutter release cable for Canon camera *1
    Shutter release cable for Sony cameras *1
    2) WiFi control: ak4500 could be connecting WiFi with some types of Canon , Panasonic and Sony cameras. For the detail please refer to the list, which were upload the our official website.
    3) USB cable control: four cable is available in Standard accessory and partial camera of Canon, Sony and Nikon is controllable.

  • 2.  How to use USB shutter release cable with gimbal?
    Please make sure that the firmware of the gimbal is in the latest version(APP-gimbal upgrade-“USB HUB upgrade”).
    Choosing the correct shutter release cable according to the “compatible Cameras for Reference for ak4500”.
    Please make sure that one side of the USB cable were connected with the correct USB port on the left side of the gimbal’s fixing plate (Camera control), the other side of the USB cable were connected to corresponding interface of the camera.
    Please mark sure the WiFi for the gimbal was unconnected.
  • 3.  Canon/Nikon shutter release cable can work properly, but Sony shutter release cable is unusable, why?
    Make sure that setting of Sony camera had been set up as per below:
    “USB power supply” is “off”
    “USB connect” set up with “PC remote”
  • 4.   AKF II cannot work properly, how to do?
    1)Please make sure the version for gimbal’s firmware and keyboard firmware are in latest.
    2)Please make sure the setting for the touch screen were set up properly, please check with following: Scroll setting-Camera ctrl-AKF II
    3)Make sure the function of the magic ring were set up with focus contral(Kindly see below picture shown).

    4)Make sure the gimbal did not connected with shutter release cable/ supply power to another device.
  • 5.  Follow focus is skidding and cannot work properly, how to solve?
    1)Please make sure the lens support and lens were installed properly.
    2)Replace low damping lens, make sure that whether follow focus can work properly.
  • 6.  The gimbal will be vibaration at certain angle, how to fix it?
    Before turn the gimbal on, please make sure those three axises were been balanced, following is a video for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeVgVwyxwJo
    About vibration, which might cause by below reasons:
    1) Did not balanced those three axises, then turn the gimbal on.
    2) After balanced those three axises, we did not tighten all the screws.
    3) For the long lens, please make sure the lens support were installed properly.
    4) The motor strength is too strong. (You can identify which motor need to be adjusted in this way:
    Hold one of the motors in working status with your hand, if it stops vibration, that’s the right motor you should decrease motor strength.)
  • 7.  How to connecting WiFi with Nikon cameras?
    Nikon camera is not support WiFi connect.
    Some of Nikon cameras could be control by the USB shutter release cable conneceted properly (Such as Z6/Z7),
  • 8.  Could the gimbal support charging batteries via USB port?
    Battery charging via USB port on gimbal is not supported. Please use the charger provided for charging batteries.
  • 9.  Tacking picture by connected with shutter release cable, photos could not find in the Sony camera, why?
    Please make sure the starage for photos were set up properly, we could check with our Sony camera “PC remote setting”
  • 10.  Taking picture by the shutter release cable connected, the gimbal is not respond for other operations, why?
    Please wait sometime, until the camera is finish the current operation.

  • 11.  After upgrade the keyboard firmware, the gimbal cannot turn on, how to fix it?
    After firmware upgrade is finished, the gimbal will have buffer for a minutes when turn on. Please press the power button for 8-10 seconds, let go until the screen is light up completely.
  • 12.  AK series show “LK” after turned on, the gimbal cannot remain stable, how to fix it?

    1)Please check whether or not the contact pin can rebound by single taping them, and if all the pins are in good condition. We can see the contact pin is already damaged as below.
    2) Refresh the gimbal’s firmware, exclude the influence of the software issues