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  • Feiyu Cam App V2.1.1 (Android Version)


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Feiyu Cam V2.1.1 Update Explanation:

[Fix] Known bug

[optimization] Firmware update

Feiyu Cam V2.0.7 Update Explanation:

[Fix] Known bug

[optimization] Video clip

Feiyu Cam V2.0.6 Update Explanation:

[add] Support zoom contol via APP
[Fix] Known bug

Feiyu Cam V2.0.5 Update Explanation:

[add] Video pause
[Fix] Optimize UI

Feiyu Cam V1.1.6 Update Explanation:

[Add] Set dynamic mode resolution

[Fix] Known bug

Feiyu Cam V1.1.5 Update Explanation:

[Optimization] Preview UI

[Add] Korean

Feiyu Cam V1.1.4 Update Explanation:

[Optimization] Firmware upgrade

[Optimization] Online preview

Feiyu Cam V1.1.1 Update Explanation:

[New] Japanese

[New] Anti shake switch

[Optimization] Camera mode switching

[Optimization] Firmware upgrade

Feiyu Cam V1.0.9 Update Explanation:

[Add] Shutter parameters

[Add] French

Feiyu Cam V1.0.8 Update Explanation:

[Optimization] Connected device

[Add] Czech