Feiyu pocket(FAQ)

  • 1.   What is the size of Feiyu Pocket?
    124.5*40.5*30mm(working state)

  • 2.  What is the net weight of Feiyu Pocket?
    The net weight is 115g(including the build in battery). The Material of the gimbal is make by Aluminum Alloys and ABS/PC.
  • 3.  What type battery does Vimble2 has? What is the battery capacity and voltage?
    Feiyu Pocket has one Built-in rechargeable battery, which capacity is 875mAh,6.738Wh and voltage usually 7.7V. Chargeing the battery through USB C port directly.
    For the useage time, it is 4.5h(Working at 1080p@60fps), 3.5h(Working at 4K@30fps). The gimbal does not connecting with App and work with image transmission(PCCAM) function.
  • 4.  How long a fully charged Feiyu Pocket will last?
    1.2h (with 10W charger), the better is charging with 5V/2A charger. The indicator is solid red while charging. When the battery is fully charged, it turns to green.
  • 5.  Is Feiyu Pocket splash-proof?
    It is not splash-proof.
  • 6.  How to download the App for Feiyu Pocket? And what functions including in the App?
    For the “Feiyu Cam” App, we could down it load by Google Play/App store. After connecting with the Feiyu Cam App successfully, we could with with image transmission, taking picture and download file etc..
    PS: When first download the Feiyu Cam App, which will require log in by the phone number or mailbox.

  • 7.   How to connecting with Feiyu Cam App?
    Firstly, turn on the gimbal WiFi by long press the shutter button about 3-5 seconds, or swipe down to enter into the setting menu, kindly see below:

    Secondly, opening WiFi on the phone

    Thirdly, turn on the App, click “connect to new device”, next enter the last four charectors of the camera name. Kindly see below show:

    Connecting with Feiyu Cam App successfully, we could work with more functions by click “Camera Live”, kindly see below:

  • 8.  How to control Feiyu Pocket rotation?
    Controlling by the OLED: Swipe down to enter into the setting memu, then turn on the tilt control setting, next back to the main interface, you will find the button control tilt on the right side. Kindly see below show:

    Controlling by the Feiyu Cam App: After connecting with Feiyu Cam successfully, click “Camera Live”, then you could find the joystick control on the mid of bottom. Kindly see below show:

  • 9.  How to upgrade the firmware for Feiyu Pocket?
    There are two ways for upgrade the firmware for Feiyu Pocket, one way is upgrade by the App, the other way is upgrade the firmware by the MicroSD.
    Upgrade the firmware by Feiyu Cam App:
    After connecting with Feiyu Cam App, click “Mine”, then click “...”,it means more settings, next choose “Upgrade Feiyu Pocket”. Kindly see below show:

    Upgrade the firmware by MicroSD:
    Please download the gimbal’s firmware on our official website by your PC,

    then copy the firmware to the MicroSD root directly.

    Next install the MicroSD properly and turn the gimbal on, the gimbal will be detect and upgrade the firmware automatically. In this case, please DO NOT take off the MicroSD.

  • 10.  How to calibrate the Feiyu Pocket?
    Swipt down to enter into the setting menu, then click “Calibration” to calibrate the gibmal. For more details, kindly see below:

  • 11.  What’s the different between High quality and Super high quality?
    For Super high quality, the video bit rate is up to 120Mbps (the highest bit rate supported by Sony A7M3 is 100Mbps), which can reduce the noise and distortion calibration effect of video.
  • 12.   What should be paid attention to when choosing MicroSD card?
    Max Capacity:512G(Suggest working with U3 and higher speed SD Card, minimum write rate> 30MBps)

  • 13.  How to check the remaining memory?
    When taking photos or videos, you could check the room of remaining photos or video duration at the bottom of the main page.

    Check the free space for the MicroSD by swipt down to enter into the setting menu, then swipe left twice.

  • 14.   How to export the pictures and videos?
    1)Take of the MicroSD and export through the card reader.
    2) When the gimbal turn on, copy the videos and picture by connect the PC thuough a USB-Type C cable, then select Udisk mode.Kindly see below:

    3)Connecting with phone, we could download the original pictures and videos to our phone through Feiyu Cam App.

  • 15.  For Feiyu Pocket, what is the maximum resolution of video shooting?

    The maximum support 4K, 3840 * 2160
    4K: 3840 * 2160 supports 60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting;
    2.7K: 2704 * 1520 supports 60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting;
    1080P: 1920 * 1080 supports 120/60/50/48/30/25/24 FPS video shooting.
  • 16.   How to set up the resolution of video shooting?
    Swipt left to enter into the shooting setting, then select “Video setting”to set up the resolution for the video.

  • 17.  What’s the format for video of Feiyu Pocket?
    MOV / MP4
  • 18.  What’s the format for picture of Feiyu Pocket?
  • 19.  Is it possible to synthesize and view panoramic photos by the pocket gimbal itself?
    The synthesized photos need to be connected with Feiyu Cam App for viewing.
  • 20.  How to check the remaining power of Feiyu Pocket?
    1)We could figure it out by the battery icon, which is on the upper right corner on the main interface.
    2)Swipt donw to enter into the settings menu, click the “settings icon”, then you could see the remaining power percentage. Kindly see below show:

  • 21.  How many points does the Time Lapse mode support?
    On the gimbal itself, which will support set up with two points, which are the start and stop points. When connected with Feiyu Cam App, which could be support set up with 10 points.
  • 22.  What modes does panorama support of Feiyu Pocket?
    There are 2*2 , 3*3 ,180° , kindly see below:

  • 23.  What kind of standerd accessories does Feiyu Pocket have?

  • 24.  How to enter Pro mode?
    Swipt down on the screen, then swipt left twice to enter Pro mode, next turn on this mode by click the “PRO icon”.

  • 25.  What’s the function for Pro mode?
    In this mode, we could set up the EXP, WB and Color.

  • 26.   How to set up the screen brightness?
    Swipt down on the screen, then swipt left triple to enter”High brightness” setting, next single tap the icon in the middle of the screen to switch the brightness.As you could see, there are three options, which are low, medium and high brightness setting.

  • 27.  How to share the video?
    We could sharing the video by the Feiyu Cam App directly.
  • 28.   How to selfie with Feiyu Pocket?
    1)Swipe up on the screen, then click the “selfie icon”,kindly see the picture below show
    2)Triple tap the mode button

  • 29.  How to shooting with Feiyu Pocket, when hold it parallel to the ground ?
    1)The defual mode for Feiyu Pocket first using is TF mode, when shooting with hold the gimbal parallel to the ground, please switch the working mode to HF(pan mode) by click the “mode icon” with swipt up on the screen . Kindly see below show:

    2)After switch working mode to HF(pan mode), when gimbal is parallel to the ground, the lens will be towards to the front automatically.
  • 30.  How to switch to portrait mode and shooting with upside down?
    1)Hold the gimbal with vertical, rotating the gimbal to the left/right with 90 degrees, in this case, the gimbal will be parallel to the ground, the the view in the gimbal will be word with Portrait mode.
    2)Hold the gimbal with vertical, rotating the gimbal to the left/right with 180 degrees, in this case, the gimbal will be shoot with upside down.
  • 31.  How to switch working modes with Feiyu Pocket?
    1)Switch working modes by click the “mode icon”with swipt up on the srceen. There are three working modes, HF mode(pan mode), TF mode(tilt mode) and AF mode(all follow mode).

    2)Connecting with Feiyu Cam App, then switch the working mode by the mode button in the App, which is on the left corner at the bottom.

    3)Switch the working mode by the mode button on the gimbal, long press and hold will be working with Locking mode.
  • 32.   How to adjust the following speed?
    Switch the following speed by click the “following speed icon”with swipt up on the screen, kindly see below show:

  • 33.  How to check with the pictures and videos, which were been saved in the MicroSD?
    Checking the pictures and videos by swipt right on the screen.
  • 34.  How to use the external camera function?
    When the gimbal is on, connecting a Type C data cable with the computer, then select the external camera function(PCCAM), kindly see below show:

    After the driver is automatically installed, we could confirm the new port in the device manager.

    Set up with the PC, which with Windows10system, kindly see below: