Feiyu SCORP 2(FAQ)

  • 1.  What is the maximum load capacity of SCORP 2?
    About 2.5kg.
  • 2.  How much does the SCORP 2 weigh?
    1070.8g (excluding tripod and other detachable parts);
  • 3.  What should I do if the gimbal can't be turned on and the motors have no power at all?
    (1) Please fully charge it and try to turn it on again.
    (2) The wheel function button is mistakenly pressed or getting stuck, leading to the result of not powering on when pressing the power button. (This can be determined by turning the wheel and see if there is any damping)
    (3) If there is anything that prevents it from turning on, you need to wait for the machine to fully discharge, then recharge it and then turn it on.

  • 4.  What should I do if the gimbal shakes after I turn it on?
    (1) Make sure the gimbal is balanced in all axes.
    (2)Make sure the screws on the sliding arms and the quick release plate are all tightened properly; Move the camera closer to the tilt axis; Use the lens holder if the lens is not a short one.
    (3) In case the motor power does not match, please go to motor power settings and choose Auto Tune, or manually adjust the power for each motor.
  • 5.  What should I pay attention to when charging the battery? How long does it take to fully charge the gimbal and how long can the battery last?
    (1) The gimbal has a built-in battery, which supports 18W fast charging; please charge it within the ambient temperature range of -5℃~45℃.
    (2) Charge when it’s off: 3 hours to fully charge with 5V2A charger (room temperature 30 ℃)
    (3) Fast charging when it’s off: 1.6 hours to full charge with 9V2A charger (room temperature 30 ℃)
    (4) Wich AI Power turned off, it lasts around 13 hours after fully charged (depending on using scenario)
  • 6.  What should I do if one of the axes keeps rotating on it’s own?
    (1) When one of the axes keeps rotating automatically due to the change of using environment or some misoperation , you can switch to non-all-follow mode, then slide left on the main page and select“Gimbal Setting”>”Horizon Calibration”>”Auto Calibration”(please make sure that the gimbal stays still when doing this).
  • 7.  What if the roll axis does not stay level?
    Switch the gimbal to non-all-follow mode, then slide left on the main page, select“Gimbal Setting”>“Horizontal Calibration”, and rotate the wheel to adjust the roll axis to be horizontal (or adjust on the touch screen). (Note: When adjusting the horizontal calibration under the all follow mode, the roll axis will not be rotated in real time.)
  • 8.  What are the functions of the multi-function knob?
    (1) When in the axis-control state, it can be used for controlling pan, tilt, and roll rotation.
    (2) Control electronic zoom.
    (3) Control the focus motor.
    (4) When in parameter setting interface, it can be used for setting parameters (e.g. aperture, shutter speed, ISO, motor strength, follow speed, dead zone, joystick speed, horizontal calibration, rotation speed, AB waypoint time, etc.)
  • 9.  What are the functions of the M button?
    (1) Single press: Switch between PF (Pan Follow), PTF (Pan&Tilt Follow) and FPV (All Follow) modes.
    (2) Gimbal modes description:
    PF (Pan Follow): The camera only follows the handle (pan axis) to the left and right, while the other two axes remains unchanged.
    PTF (Pan&Tilt Follow): The camera follows the handle in all four directions, namely up, down, left and right, with the roll axis remaining horizontal.
    Lock Mode: The camera lens always faces in a fixed direction and remains unchanged no matter how the handle is rotated.
    FPV (All Follow): the camera direction follows your movement in all three axes.
    FFW (Flash Follow Mode): same with FPV but with faster follow speed

  • 10.  What are the functions of the trigger button?
    Double click: head back to center
    Long press: enter PTF mode, release to return to previous mode (you can use the Feiyu Scorp app to customize the function of long pressing the trigger button: Lock mode/PF/PTF/FPV/FFW)
    Triple press: Selfie Mode (pan axis rotates 180° and switch to Pan Follow mode)
  • 11.  How do I perform electronic zoom?
    Connect the camera first (the camera required to be supported for electronic zoom control), long press the knob function button to switch to electronic zoom, then turn the knob to zoom.
  • 12.  How do I setup the focus range for the focus motor?
    (1) Connect the focus motor to the Focus Motor Port 1, mount the camera and the focus motor properly, turn on the gimbal, slide up from the bottom edge of the home page, long press the knob function button to switch to focus motor.
    (2) Set up the focus range: tap on “Knob settings”> “Calibrate focus motor range”, then turn the knob to rotate the focus motor to the near end of the focus range, tap on “Next”, then turn the focus motor to the far end.
    (Note: the focus range needs to be recalibrated if unplugging and plugging again when the gimbal is on)
  • 13.  What kinds of shooting modes does the Scorp 2 support for different shooting scenarios?
    Time-lapse, auto-rotation, panoramic shooting, portrait mode, selfie mode, track video.
  • 14.  How do I switch the display language?
    Slide to the left from the right edge on home page > More > Language
  • 15.  How can I check the version number?
    Slide to the left from the right edge on home page > More > Version information
  • 16.  Is the gimbal waterproof?
    Not waterproof.
  • 17.  How to download the APP and what major features does the APP supply?
    For iPhone users: go to APP Store and search for “Feiyu Scorp”to install. (to support the Scorp 2, APP version 4.1 or higher is required);
    For Android phone users: go to Google Play Store and search for “Feiyu Scorp” to install. (to support the Scorp 2, APP version 1.3.2 or higher is required);
    Major features: using the app to update gimbal firmware, setting gimbal parameters, remotely control the gimbal and so on.
  • 18.  How do I upgrade the firmware?
    (1) Ensure the network connectivity is stable;
    (2) Turn on the gimbal, connects the Feiyu Scorp app with the gimbal, go to “More”>”Firmware Info”, and update the firmware if new versions available.
    (Note: Please do not press any button during the update process; please keep the phone screen always on during the update process; the updating time will be quite long, please wait patiently for about 13 minutes.)
  • 19.  The app connects to the gimbal, but the gimbal can not be controlled by the app, what should I do?
    (1) Please make sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone phone has been turned on;
    (2) Research and reconnect the gimbal. (after connecting, there will be a Bluetooth icon shows up on the gimbal screen)
    (3) Kill the APP on background and restart the gimbal, then try to reconnect.
  • 20.  The Feiyu Scorp APP fails to search the device’s Bluetooth, how to resolve this issue?
    (1) Check if the device is connected with another smartphone, if yes, then disconnect it and try to connect with the current phone again;
    (2) Restart the gimbal and try to connect again;
    (3) Take the gimbal to a location without any other Bluetooth devices nearby, and try to connect again.
  • 21.  What is the maximum distance for my smartphone to control the gimbal?
    ≤ 30 meters. (depends on how strong the phone’s Bluetooth signal is);
  • 22.  What should I do if the gimbal switches to Sleep Mode automatically?
    The gimbal will enter Sleep Mode to protect the motors when the gimbal is not balanced or the axes have not been unlocked.
    Make sure the gimbal is balanced on all axes, and all axes are unlocked, then press the power button to wake up the gimbal from sleep mode, and then adjust the motor power appropriately.
    (Note: you can enter sleep mode by double-pressing the power button , and wake up the gimbal by pressing the power button again, or tap on the Moon icon on the screen)
  • 23.  How do I connect the gimbal with my camera?
    (1) It connects via cable. For what cameras and what functions are supported, please refer to the camera compatibility list on FeiyuTech official site.
  • 24.  After connecting the gimbal with Panasonic via the DC 2.5mm cable, it does not respond when attempting to switch between video and photo modes, and no camera icon on the gimbal screen, what should I do to resolve it?
    (1) For cameras that are connected via 2.5/3.5mm cable, it does not support switching between video and photo modes from the gimbal, so you need to switch from the camera.
    (2) For these kinds of cameras, it is normal that no camera icon shows up on the screen although you can already trigger the shutter/record from the gimbal.
  • 25.  I can’t connect to the WiFi in the app or the update process fails when trying to update the Bluetooth firmware, what should I do to resolve this problem?
    (1) Make sure the WiFi SSID contains no characters besides English characters, otherwise it will not be shown up in the app; make sure the gimbal is in the WiFi coverage area; make sure that your WiFi network is working normally; Make sure the bandwidth of the WiFi is 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz.
    (2) Unlike other kinds of firmware, Bluetooth firmware is upgraded through WiFi network, so you need to enter the correct password of your WiFi. Make sure the password contains no spaces, otherwise it will not connect successfully.
    (3) If the update fails, please restart the gimbal and the APP and try to update again. Or switch to another WiFi network and update the Bluetooth firmware again.
  • 26.  I can't shut down and reboot gimbal after updating the firmware, how to resolve this issue?
    (1) After updating the motor firmware, you need to wait 15 seconds and then press the power button to turn off the gimbal. Please make sure it is not charging when restarting, otherwise you won’t be able to completely turn it off by pressing the power button.
    (2) When the charging cable is not plugged in, press and hold the power button and the knob function button at the same time to perform a forced shutdown.
  • 27.  How do I switch on the AI Tracking function?
    Slide to the left from the right edge of the home page, tap on “More”> “AI Power”to switch on the AI Tracking Module, the AI light will then turn on with red color, use the OK gesture within an appropriate distance to activate the tracking function (the light turns green), now you can start face tracking.
  • 28.  What should I do if the display prompts “initialization failure”and the motors do not work after powering on the gimbal?
    Try restarting the gimbal again by pressing the power button.
  • 29.  When mounting a large camera vertically, it can’t be fully tightened, how to solve this problem?
    Use the lens holder to help fixing the camera/lens.
  • 30.  What if the gimbal moves on its own while shooting static time-lapse?
    Calibrate the gimbal with 5 consecutive presses of the M button and start the static time-lapse again.
  • 31.  How to use the AI tracking feature?
    (1)Make sure that the AI Power is turned on:
    Method①: Slide to the left from the right edge of the Home page, tap on “More”> “AI Power”to switch on the AI Tracking Module, the AI light will then turn on with red color; Method②: triple-press the F1 button to turn on the AI Power;
    (2)Start tracking:
    Method①: Keep your face in front of the AI sensor within 1~4 meters, then raise your hand with OK gesture, when the indicator turns green from red color, that means it starts to track your face; Method②: long press the F1 button while keeping your face in front of the AI sensor.
    (3)Exit tracking:
    Method①: when you face the AI sensor within 1~4 meters, ; raise both fists with two thumbs facing each other to exit the tracking. Method②: When facing the AI sensor, long press the F1 button to exit tracking. Method③: Raise your hand with OK gesture again to exit the tracking.
  • 32.  What should I do if the AI tracking does not respond?
    (1) Switch the AI Power off and switch it on again, or restart the gimbal.
    (2) When the gimbal is executing other functions (for example, timelapse), the AI Tracking function will temporarily stop working, you need to exit the current function to use the AI Tracking.