• 1.   What’s the maximum payload of the Feiyu SCORP?
    The max payload is about 2500g (balanced status).
  • 2.  How much does the Feiyu SCORP weight? What’s the build material of it?
    Around 1200g(with quick release plate and built-in battery,without camera, lens etc.)
    Aluminium alloy and plastic.
  • 3.  The motors do not work after turning on the gimbal, how to resolve it?
    1. Make sure to fully charge the gimbal before turning on;
    2.Make sure all the axis locks are unlocked, as shown in pictures below.

    3.Make sure to balance the gimbal in every axis, until the camera stays balanced at any angle.

    Tilt the gimbal and support it by the foldable legs to check if the pan axis is balanced.
    Balanced status:

    Imbalanced status:

  • 4.  How long is the battery life of the Feiyu SCOPR? Is the battery removable?
    Around 13 hours, not removable.
  • 5.  Where is the USB charging port? How long does it take to fully charge?Does it support fast charging?

    The charging port is under the multi-function knob, and above the trigger button;
    It takes about 3 hours to fully charge with a 5V-2A charging adapter;
    It supports fast charging up to 18W, by which it takes about 1.6 hours to fully charge.
  • 6.  Where can I download the APP for Feiyu SCORP? What can I do with the APP?
    For iPhone users, search “Feiyu SCORP”in APP Store to download the APP;
    For Android users, search “Feiyu SCORP”in Google Play Store to download it.
    You can use the APP to update gimbal firmware, adjust gimbal parameters, remotely control gimbal directions etc.
  • 7.  After switching to another camera, the gimbal vibrates, how to resolve this issue?
    Make sure the camera is tightly mounted and balanced in every axis;
    Tap on Motor Power > Auto Tune > Start Tuning, then wait until tuning completes.
  • 8.  Is the Feiyu SCORP waterproof?
    It’s not waterproof.
  • 9.  Can the Feiyu SCORP charge the camera?
    It does not support charging camera.

  • 10.  When trying to balance some heavy cameras, it’s hard to move the arm and hard to tighten the screw to fix the axis arm, what should I do?
    Hold up the arm for a bit with one hand, then you can move the arm and tighten the screw easily. Release the arm after finishing balancing the axis.

  • 11.  How does the power button work?
    Long press:turning on/off
    Single press (when in sleep mode): wake up from sleep mode;
    Double press:enter sleep mode
  • 12.  How does the M button work?
    Single press: switching between Lock Mode and PF Mode (Pan Follow)
    Double press:switch to PTF Mode (Pan&Tilt Follow)
    Triple press: switch to FPV Mode
    PF Mode:the camera only follows the left and right rotation of the handle, and keeps facing the same directions for other two axis (The tilt axis keeps vertical, and roll axis keeps horizontal).
    PTF Mode:The camera follows the left and right, up and down rotation of the handle, while the roll axis keeps being horizontal.
    Lock Mode:The camera faces the same direction no matter how you rotate the gimbal handle.
    FPV Mode:The camera follows the rotation of the gimbal handle in all three axis with no limit angle.
    FFW: flash follow, pan, where all 3 axes follow the movement of user's hand in high follow speed.
  • 13.  How does the shutter button work?
    Half-press: focus
    Single press: start/stop recording
    Long press: take a photo
  • 14.   How does the trigger button work?
    Double press: go back to initial position (current mode stays unchanged)
    Long press: temporarily switch to the customized mode (it’s PTF by default, you can customize it in the Feiyu SCORP APP), release to go back to the previous mode .
    Triple press:Selfie mode(Pan axis turns 180°, and automatically switch to Pan Follow mode)
  • 15.  How does the multi-function knob work?
    1, Control the pan, tilt and roll axis(under the axis-control state);
    2, Control zooming in/out electronically;
    3, Control Follow Focus motor;
    4, Adjust gimbal/camera parameters (Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, motor strengths, follow speed, dead zone, joystick speed, horizontal calibration etc.)
  • 16.  What should I do if gimbal issues like not centered, drifting and not being level occur?
    Tap on Follow Speed > Custom > Dead zone, decrease the dean zone to minimum;
    Switch to the modes other than FPV mode;
    Go to Gimbal settings > Auto calibrtion, tap on it to calibrate the gimbal automatically.
  • 17.  Does the Feiyu SCORP suport WiFi connection with camera?
    It does not support WiFi connection.
  • 18.  What is the function of the knob mode switch button?
    Long press: switch the knob functions between Electronic Follow Focus, Follow Focus and axis control.
    Sing tap: Switch between Pan, Tilt and Roll control (only when in axis control mdoe)
  • 19.  When connecting the gimbal with a compatible Panasonic camera via DC2.5mm cable, I can’t switch between photo and video mode, the camera mode icon doesn’t appear on gimbal screen either, why is that?
    Mechanical shutter release only supports binary signal, so it doesn’t support switching camera modes, and users need to manually switch on the camera;
    The camera mode icon will not appear in this case, it’s normal.
  • 20.  The gimbal can’t be turned on after upgrading keyboard firmware by the APP, why and how to resolve this?
    For the first booting up after upgrading firmware by the APP, the gimbal takes some time to reload the software. You need to hold the power button for about 10 seconds to boot it up.
  • 21.  How to check version information of the gimbal?
    Swipe left from the main page, then tap on More > Version information.
  • 22.  What battery does the Feiyu SCORP use? Any requirements for the charger?
    The SCORP uses 18650 battery, which is built-in and not removable. It should be charged by USB Type C cable with a charging adapter of which the power is no more than 18W.
  • 23.  What’s the maximum control distance for a smartphone to remotely control the Feiyu SCORP?
    The maximum distance is about 30 meters (depends on how strong the smartphone Bluetooth signal is).