• 1.   The maximum payload for G6 Max? Which camera models does G6 Max work with?
    The maximum payload for G6 Max is 1.2kg/2.64lb(lens and other accessories are included, and center of gravity of gimbal is balanced)

    SONY: α7sII/7SM2(55mm/1.8),α6300/α6400/α6500(28-70mm), QX1 and other Mirrorless camera series;
    RX100 IV/ RX100 V /RX100VII/RX100 M5A/ RX100M6/ RX100M7, RX1RII, WX500, HX90 etc.
    Canon:M50, M5, M6, G7X, 100D and other cameras with similar size and weight.
    Panasonic :G6, G7, GH4, GX85, LX10 and other similar Mirrorless camera.
    Other brands of DSLR cameras: First generation of BMPCC ,Nikon D5300,Fujifilm XT20,Leica D-lux and other similar Mirrorless camera.
    Action cameras: RX0,SJ J6legend,GoPro5/6/7/8,FDR-X3000R、HDR-AS50R and other similar Action camera.
    For Smartphone: Which will need to be install with smartphone adapter, the width of smartphone should be 57-90mm.
  • 2.  What is the weight for G6 Max?
    G6 Max weighs 665g, which is include battery, without camera and other accessories.
  • 3.  What type of battery does G6 Max use? What’s the capacity and usage for G6 Max?
    The battery for G6 Max is built-in.
    Battery information : 2200mAh, 7.4V, Charge it via USB-C port on gimbal.
    Usage Time in theory: 9 hours ( Successfully tested on 600g camera in show mode at well-balanced status )
  • 4.  How to charge the batteries?
    Charging the battery via USB cable and power souse, it takes about 3 hours to fully charged the batteries with a 5V/2A charger.
    The charging icon(Lightning icon) will be show up while charging, after fully charged, the charging icon will became 4 pcs of bars.
  • 5.  Does G6 Max waterproof?
    It is only splash-proof.
  • 6.  How to balance G6 Max?
    Place tilt motor on right side(from user view, as picture shown)

    Camera: Mount the camera on quick release plate, slide it into the fixed plate from left to right, then fix the safety lock while it is in a suitable position.
    Smart phone:It needs to attach smart phone adapter(standard accessory) on the quick release plate before mounting smart phone.
    Action camera: Before mounting Gopro , tighten T clamp adapter (a standard accessory) on the fixed plate by 1/4inch thumb screw.
  • 7.  How to figure out those three axises were balanced?
    Unlock axis motor:G6Max has 3-axis motor locks, unlock the tilt/roll axis to release storage status firstly. Place the cross and slide arm to its working position ,then lock the axis motor for mounting and balancing the camera. Make sure to unlock each axis motor in order when balancing. Please well-balanced the gimbal before powering on . Tilt axis balance: Follow the balance step as: camera upward balance/forward balance; when the camera can stay still in any angle ,balance is done successfully.
    Roll/Pan axis balance: Move the cross arm left-right to balance the axis. Tighten the axis ring when well-balanced.

  • 8.  What is the dimension of G6 Max gimbal?

  • 9.  What is the maximum dimension for G6 Max when install with camera and lens?

  • 10.  What does the power button for?
    Long press: Power on/power off
    Single tap: Flip to next page of interface (The interface are as per following: Interface 1, which will show the page when we turn the gimbal on; For interface 2 or 3, which could be set up by pushing the joystick to the four direction(up, down, left or right). We could be switch the interface by single tap the power button. When the screen stay in interface 1, we could using the joystick to control the gimbal; And when the screen stay in the interface 2 or 3, the joystick could only select the options, which are including into the menu .)
  • 11.  What does the function button for?
    Single tap: Panning following mode( The default setting)/Locking mode.
    Double tap: Panning and tilting following mode.
    Triple tap: All following mode.
    Note: We could set up the working modes in the App as well.
  • 12.  What does the camera mode button for?
    Single tap: Switch photo/video modes (For mail details, please refer to the camera compatibility list).
    Triple tap: Switch to front camera or rear camera.
  • 13.  What does the trigger button for?
    Long press and hold: Fast follow mode (We could set up the other mode in the App), release it to go back to the previous mode.
    Double tap: Reset
    Triple tap: Selfie mode(Reset the gimbal by double tap the trigger button)
  • 14.  The gimbal will be vibration with none stop while change the camera and lens, how to fix it?
    1.Before turn the gimbal on, please make sure all those three axises were balanced properly.
    2.Please set up the motor strength to "Auto Adaption" : you could single tap the power button, then switch the interface to the page 2 on the OLED, next select the “ Auto Adaption” option by push the joystick up or down. Confirming the option by push the joystick to the right side.
  • 15.  How to initialize G6 Max?
    1)Single tap the power button twice, then switch the interface to the interface 2 on the OLED,next select the “ Calibration” option by push the joystick up or down. Confirming the option by push the joystick to the right side.
    2)The gimbal will automatically check whether be put on a steady flat.
    3) After the screen shows “Calibration Completed”, pick the gimbal up, click “ESC” on the screen to finish calibration.
  • 16.  How many ways can G6 Max connect to camera and control it?
    There are two ways for connect and control with G6 Max:
    Shutter release cable: The port for plug with the G6 Max is in Type-C, which is on the front side of the quick release plate, and the other side is plug with the camera.
    The shutter release for Sony Cameras is Type-C to Mulit, and the shutter release cable for Panasonic is Type-C to DC2.5mm.(For more details, please refer to the compatibility list)

    WiFi: choose the corresponding brand and model of camera in Feiyu ON App then gimbal can connect to the camera by WiFi. After WiFi connecting successfully, we could control the camera taking picture/recording video/zoom/follow focus.
  • 17.  How to enter camera’s WiFi interface?
    GoPro: Entering the setting interface by swiping down the main screen, then select “ Preferences”.

    Enter to connections interface—Wireless Connections(ON)

    Next, choocing GoPro App

    If the WiFi name and password did not show up while enter into the GoPro App interface, please click the icon, which with lttler i inside to confirm the SSID and password.

  • 18.  How to connecting WiFi with cameras?
    Please turn the bluetooth on, then run the Feiyu On App, after enter into the interface for the App, click the camera icon , then choosing the camera brand and type.

    Choosing the correct WiFi name for your came, and put in the passwords.

    Waiting for connect.
    We could figure out the WiFi connecting successfuly or not by the camera icon on the OLED display, which is without a slash and the icon will be light up.
  • 19.  If G6 Max is not level, how to deal with it?
    1. Initialize the gimbal
    Single tap the power button twice, then switch the interface to the interface 3 on the OLED,next select the “Initialize” option by push the joystick up or down. Confirming the option by push the joystick to the right side, after that, the motors will loose power, wake up the gimbal by single tap the mode button while the OLED show “Tap mode to awake it after INIT”.
    2.Calibrate the gimble by the “Horizontal Calibration” in the App.
  • 20.  I could found the GoPro’s WiFi on the phone’s WiFi list, but I could not found it the WiFi on the Feiyu On App, why?
    Please ensure the WiFi for the GoPro did not connected with other devise, such as the App for GoPro itself, smartremote, and phone’s WiFi etc.
    If above were confirmed, please check if you were set up the bands for the GoPro to 2.4GHz, our gimbal only detects the one with 2.4 Ghz.

  • 21.  Could the G6 Max upgrade the firmware?
    Upgrading the firmware for gimbal’s, Keyboard’s and bluetooth’s are supported by App.
    After upgrade the firmware successfully by App, when restart the gimbal, please long press the power button for about 10 seonds, release the button while the gimbal is on.
  • 22.  How to disconnect WiFi connection of camera?
    Six tap the trigger button,  then you will see the display give a message "clean WiFi". 
    Next, move joystick to the right for confirmation. This operation will clean all wifi connection.
  • 23.  I can see my camera’s WiFi in the App, but I could not connecting with the WiFi successflly. How to fix it?
    1)Please turn off the smartphone’s WiFi, and disconnected the camera with other devise, such as remote etc.
    2)Please uninstall the camera’s App, which were installed in your smartphone.
    3)Please make sure you were put in the password correctly, such as space, capital and lower case of the letter.
    4)PLease try to disconnect WiFi connection of camera.
    5)Please remove the battery and install them again, then restart the gimbal . The better is reset the camera’s WiFi and password and make connection again.
  • 24.  How to set up the speed of motion time-lapse?
    Please set up the speed of the Motion time-lapse via the Feiyu On App.
  • 25.  G6 Max still vibration while set up with “Auto Adaption” and reboot, hot to fix it?
    1)Please make sure you were balanced those three axises properly, then turn the gimbal on.
    2)When turn the gimbal on, please DO NOT hold the camera with our hand.
    3)Please check what cause the vibration, you can identify which motor need to be adjusted in this way: Hold one of the motors in working status with your hand, if it stops vibration, that’s the right motor you should decrease motor strength.
    Vibration with sound: it were caused by the motor strength is too strong, which could be sort out by decrease the motor strength to fix the weight for the camera and lens.
    Vibration without sound: It were caused by the motor strength is too weak, which could be sort out by increase the motor strength to fix the weight for the camera and lens.
  • 26.  What do the symbols on LOED screen mean?
    For the details, please see the list below:

  • 27.  What kind of accessories will be including into the package of G6 Max?
    Standard accessories:
    USB C cable*1、Gopro adapter*1,long screw*1,smartphone adapter*1,Sony shutter cable (Type C to Multi)*1, Shutter release for Panasonic (TYPE C to DC2.5)*1,Tripod*1,EPP bag*1
    Optinal accessories:
    Extendable bar; monopod ;monitor; Lateral smartphone holder; wireless MIC kit
  • 28.  How many Extended Interface?
    3pcs 1/4inch thread hole(2 pcs at the left and right side of handle, 1pcs at the bottom of handle)
  • 29.   Could G6 Max supply power to cameras/other devise?
    Yes, but the cable is optional accessery, it is not including into the package of G6 Max. The output votalge for the Type C port for control cameras on the gimbal, which is 5V/500mA. Since the input voltage for Sony will be requested more than 5V. So that, G6 Max could not supply power to Sony cameras.