VB 4 (FAQ)

  • 1.  Is the VB 4 compatible with action cameras?
    The VB 4 is not compatible with an action camera, because the camera is too thick to mount on the gimbal. Also, due to the camera’s light weight, it can not be balanced on the gimbal. If you want to use it with an action camera, it is recommended to use a third-party camera adapter with it, as the following picture shows.

  • 2.  How much does the VB 4 weight? What is the max payload capacity of it?
    Net weight:335g (tripod not included)
    Max payload capacity: 260g/0.573 lb (well balanced state)
    Smartphones with a width smaller than 88mm are supported.

  • 3.  What kind of battery does the VB 4 use? What are the capacity and voltage of it?
    it uses a built-in and rechargeable battery, of which the specs are 950mAH and 6.8V-8.4V.
  • 4.  What is the build material of the VB 4?
    High-strength, high and low temperature resistant material such as ABS, PA6+30GF etc.
  • 5.  Is the VB 4 waterproof?
    It’s not waterproof
  • 6.  What is the working temperature range of the VB 4?
    -10°~45° (Celsius)
  • 7.  What is the specification of the threaded hole at the bottom of the VB 4? What is it for?
    The Feiyu VB 4 has a 1/4 inch threaded hole at the bottom, which can be used with accessories that have a 1/4 inch screw, such as tripods, extension rods, etc.
  • 8.   How long is the battery life of the Feiyu VB 4 after being fully charged?
    The theoretical battery life is about 6.5 hours (well balanced with a 205g smartphone)
  • 9.  What is the USB-C port on the side of the phone holder for?
    It’s for connecting the fill light or the AI tracking module. It doesn’t support charging battery for the phone.

  • 10.  What is the purpose of the magnetic interface located on the top of the phone holder?
    It’s for attaching the magnetic fill light or AI tracking module.

  • 11.  How to charge the battery of the VB 4? How long does it take to fully charge? How to determine if it’s fully charged?
    To charge the battery, connect the charging cable to the USB-C port on the handle. (charging adapter equipped by user, 5V-2A or less is recommended) Charging time is about 1.5 hours (with 10W charger).
    When fully charged, the indicator turns green from yellow.
  • 12.  How to mount and balance the smartphone on the gimbal?
    (1) Make sure the phone holder side that has a FeiyuTech Logo is facing up;
    (2)Place the phone in the center and ensure that the back of the phone fits well with the phone holder, as shown in the pictures below.

    (3)Fine-tune the position of the phone left and right until it can remain stationary at a horizontal angle (before the gimbal is turned on).
  • 13.  How to power on the VB 4?
    Press and hold the power button for 2~3s until hearing a beep sound.

  • 14.  The gimbal is vibrating, what should I do to stop the vibration?
    Make sure to mount the phone properly and balance the gimbal before powering it on.

  • 15.  Why does the gimbal suddenly lose balance while working?
    1. Low battery.
    The indicator flashes red light and the gimbal automatically shutdown.
    2.Protection status.
    (1)rapid rotation of the handle to a certain speed is detected--The handle needs to be held by hand, or fixed on a tripod.
    (2)overheat (60℃) of the motors is detected--make sure a smartphone is mounted and balanced on the gimbal.
    (3)Smartphone removed detected.
  • 16.  Where do I download and install the APP?
    Search“Feiyu ON”on Google Play Store (Android) or APP Store (iOS) to install the Feiyu ON APP.
    Or, you can also scan the QR Code on our website to download the APP.

  • 17.  Why do I need to log in with my Email address the first time I use Feiyu ON?
    Entering an Email address is for us to be able to contact users in a timely manner through Email when receiving feedback on issues within the app and obtaining detailed information on malfunctions, so that we can facilitate quick resolution.
  • 18.  How to clean up the Bluetooth connection on the gimbal?
    When the gimbal is on, push and hold the joystick down and press the power button 3 times, the indicator flashes rapidly, that means the Bluetooth is cleared. After that, restart the gimbal before connecting with another device again.

  • 19.  After turning on the gimbal and launching the APP, no Bluetooth from the gimbal can be found in the APP, what should I do?
    When the gimbal is not paired with Bluetooth, the Bluetooth indicator light flashes once per second with a blue light. If Bluetooth has been paired, there are two scenarios:
    1. The gimbal’s Bluetooth indicator light keeps solid blue:
    This indicates that it is already connected to another mobile app. To proceed, you need to first turn off the Bluetooth connection on the phone.
    Alternatively, you can clear the gimbal’s Bluetooth connection with the key combination on the gimbal.
    Another option is to go away from the current range (10 meters) and try searching again.
    2. The gimbal's Bluetooth indicator light flashes twice periodically in blue:
    This means that it is already connected to the stock camera app of your phone.
    To proceed, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and unpair it, or clear the gimbal's Bluetooth connection with the key combination, and then open the app and try connecting again..
  • 20.  When connecting to the Feiyu ON App, I received a connection failure message. How can I resolve this issue?
    Please follow the steps below:
    1. Clear the Bluetooth connection and restart the gimbal and connect again.
    If the device Bluetooth still cannot be found, observe the indicators on the gimbal and check the Bluetooth list on your phone. Cancel the Bluetooth connection, turn off Bluetooth and then turn it on again.
    3.Restart the gimbal and then reopen the Feiyu ON App to search for the device and establish the connection.
  • 21.  Does the Feiyu VB 4 support controlling the phone's stock camera for taking photos and videos? How do I do that?
    Yes it supports.
    Operation steps: Turn on the gimbal, enter the Bluetooth list on the phone, and click on the Bluetooth pairing of the gimbal (FY_VB4_XX).
    1. Please make sure that the phone supports taking pictures with the volume + button;
    2. Some Android phones require tapping on the paired device settings after pairing Bluetooth and manually turn on the “input device”option.

    3、For some iOS versions of iPhones, you need to turn off the "Slow Keys" option in "Settings" > "Accessibility" > "Keyboards".

  • 22.  How to switch between landscape and portrait mode?
    Double tap the M button.

  • 23.   How to take a selfie with the VB 4?
    Method 1: Turn on Bluetooth and connect the gimbal's Bluetooth from the phone's Bluetooth list. Open the stock camera app, triple-click the trigger button to switch to the front-facing camera, press the shutter button on gimbal to take a selfie.
    Method 2: Turn on Bluetooth, unpair the original Bluetooth, and directly connect to the Feiyu ON App. Triple-click the trigger button to switch between front and rear cameras, press the shutter button on gimbal to take a selfie.
  • 24.  What is the main functions of the joystick? Are the speed and direction adjustable?
    1. The main function of the joystick is controlling the gimbal direction.
    Both the speed and direction are adjustable by the Feiyu ON APP.

    2.When in the album, you can browse the footage by pushing the joystick up, down, left, or right. You can press the joystick to select the picture or to play/pause the current video.
    3.When entering the app menu, push the joystick up, down, left, or right to navigate and select options.
  • 25.  What’s the main function of the M button?How to use it?

    Single tap to switch among pan follow, pan&tilt follow(default) and all follow modes. Double tap to switch between landscape and portrait modes.
  • 26.  What’s the main function of the shutter button? How to use it?
    Function 1: Control the shutter/recording for stock camera or third-party camera APPs (after Bluetooth paired).
    Function 2: Control the feiyu on APP:
    Half-press: focus
    Single tap: take pictures, start/stop recording
    Press and hold: switch between photo and video mode
  • 27.  How to use the knob and its button?
    The knob can control focusing and zooming, or control the rotation direction of each axis.
    1. Long press the button inside the knob to switch between zoom/focus controlling mode and axis controlling mode.
    By default, it is in zoom/focus controlling mode. Long press the knob function button until hearing two beep sounds to enter axis controlling mode. Long press the knob function button again until hearing two beep sounds to switch back to zoom/focus controlling mode.
    2. After entering axis controlling mode, a single click can switch between pan, tilt and roll axis controlling (by default it controls roll axis).
    In zoom/focus controlling mode, after Bluetooth pairing or connecting to the Feiyu ON App, rotate the knob to control zooming. Click the button inside the knob to switch to control focusing.
  • 28.  How to use the trigger button?
    1. Long press: Lock mode (default). It can be customized by the Feiyu ON app for Pan Follow, Pan&Tilt Follow, All Follow and Flash Follow modes.
    2.Single tap: Smart Face Tracking (default). It can be customized by the Feiyu ON app for Smart Object Tracking and Switch Front and Rear Camera. 3.Double tap: recenter the gimbal and switch back to Pan Follow mode.
    4.Triple tap: Switch between front and rear cameras. (both Feiyu ON and stock camera support this feature)
  • 29.  How to reset/initialize the gimbal?
    Method 1: Go to setting menu in the Feiyu ON app and tap on “Reset Gimbal Parameters”;
    Method 2: Tap the power button 5 times, wait until the main indicators turns green, then single tap the power button to wake it up.
  • 30.  The gimbal becomes not level, what should I do to correct it?
    1. Make sure to mount the smartphone properly so that it is parallel to the phone holder;
    2.Initialize the gimbal;
    3.Go to setting menu in the Feiyu ON app, tap on“Horizontal Calibration”, when the main indicator turns green, single tap the power button to finish the calibration process.
  • 31.  What should I do if an error message“Please switch to landscape mode”pops up when shooting a panorama?
    1. For iPhones, Portrait Orientation Lock required to be turned off. 2.Before turning on the gimbal, the phone is not balanced. Please mount the phone on the gimbal and re-adjust the balance.
  • 32.  How to switch to lock mode?
    Press and hold the trigger button to switch to lock mode, all the axial indicators will go out, release the trigger button to return to the previous mode.
  • 33.  What is each indicator light for?
    From left to right, they are battery indicator, Bluetooth indicator and mode indicator.

  • 34.  What is the function of the power button?
    When gimbal is off:
    1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it on.
    2. Click to check the power.
    When gimbal is on:
    1. Long press for 2 seconds to turn it off.
    2. When connecting with the APP, click the power button to call up the shortcut menu;
    3. Double-click to enter Sleep Mode. The indicator light flashes green in sleep mode. Click the button again to wake it up.
  • 35.  What do the different statuses of the battery indicators signify?

    When the gimbal is on:
    Solid blue: 40% ~ 70% battery
    Solid red: 20% ~ 40%
    Flashing in red light every 3 seconds: 2% ~ 20%
    Red light keeps blinking: less than 2%
    When charging:
    Solid yellow: 20% ~ 100%
    Yellow light and flashes red light every 3 seconds: 2% ~ 20%
  • 36.  What do the different statuses of the Bluetooth indicators signify?

    A blue light blinks every 3 seconds: Not paired
    Solid blue: connected with the APP
    Blinks twice periodically: paired with a Bluetooth device
  • 37.  What do the different statuses of the axis indicators signify?

    By default, the P light and T light are on, meaning that the default mode is Pan&Tilt mode.
    Click the M button to switch to Pan Follow mode, click again to switch to All Follow mode.
    If the app is connected, when pressing the M button, the app will prompt the current mode status.
  • 38.  The gimbal works abnormally, such as shaking, when using the APP for face tracking on an iPhone, what should I do to resolve it?
    For iPhones, please turn off Portrait Orientation Lock:

  • 39.  Why there’s no slow motion recording in the Android version of Feiyu ON?
    Slow-motion shooting requires support for high frame rates and high-speed recording modes, but some smartphone manufacturers do not provide friendly support for this feature. Therefore, the Android version of Feiyu ON does not have slow-motion. This feature is available on the iOS version。 (Note: It’s not available on some old iPhones, such as iPhone 5 and 5s).
  • 40.  Why can't I use the HDR function in the APP?
    (1)HDR is supported on iPhone 7 and above; it is not supported on iPhone models below the iPhone 7.
    (2)The video resolution needs to be set to 30fps.
  • 41.  What are the precautions when upgrading firmware?
    1. Make sure that the gimbal has sufficient battery before starting the upgrade.
    2.Do not charge the gimbal during the firmware upgrade process.
    3.Do not close the APP or leave it in background during the firmware upgrade process.
    4.Do not turn off the gimbal or the phone during the firmware upgrade process.
    The indicator light flashes red and green alternately during the upgrade process. When the upgrade is successful, the green light keeps on for 2 seconds and then the gimbal will automatically shut down.

  • 42.  After firmware upgrade completed and gimbal being turned on, the motors do not work at all, what should I do to resolve it?
    Please connect with the APP and upgrade the firmware again.
    During the firmware upgrade process, it should be ensured that the gimbal is always on, and the APP always stays in foreground.