• 1.  What kind of smartphone could be work with Vimble One?
    The max payload for Vimble One is 250g. For the size of the smartphone, please make sure they are within 160*80*10mm, and the width is between 41 and 89 mm.
  • 2.  What should be pay attention to while install with smartphone?
    Before turn on the gimbal, please unlock the position lock, and make sure the smartphone were installed and balanced properly, whether the logo on the phone adapter were put with upward.

  • 3.  3.How long a fully charged Vimble One will last?
    It is around 3.5 to 6 hours (it will depends on the weight for the smartphone and the balanced status). Shooting with stand by, it is around 10 hours (Well balanced status)
  • 4.  Why the gimbal will be shut-down automatically?
    1)Whether the indicator were flashed with red light in three times, it yes, that means the battery need to be charging.
    2)Whether there is a prompt tone: When turn off the gimbal in normal used way, there will be appare three beeps ; The gimbal will turn itself off and with four beeps, that means the gimbal work with abnormal way. In this case, please make sure if the position lock were unlocked, whether the smartphone were balanced properly ( the center of gravity of smartphone is balanced ).

  • 5.   Where could we download the App? What’s the function could be done?
    For Android system of smartphone , we could be download the Feiyu On App from 360 mobile assistant, pea pod, Google play. For iOS system of smartphone, we could be download from the App Store. For first time using, the App will requested to log in with phone number or mailbox.
    After connecting the bluetooth with Feiyu On App successfully, we could control zoom in/out by slide the Focus button up/down, switch shooting mode by long press the shutter button, and switch the front and rear camera by double tap the shutter button etc..
  • 6.   No stabilizer found, how to fix?
    Please make sure if the bluetooth were connected by your smartphone’s bluetooth setting, you could identify the status by indicator flashing. If the green light flashing in every five seconds that means the bluetooth were connected. In this case, please run the bluetooth setting on your smartphone, then forget or cancel pairing the gimbal’s bluetooth. Closing the bluetooth and open it again , after that, run the APP and pairing the bluetooth.
    The other option: Slide up the Focus button, then double tap the Mode button, next connecting with the App again.

  • 7.  Which kind of smartphone could be compatible with bluetooth pairing mode?
    The following condictions must be met:
    1)you can take control of video-taking with volume + key; The other setting need to be make sure is the volume button function need to be set up with shutter, kindly see below:

    2)The right for “Input device” need to be turn on, which could found in the phone’s bluetooth setting,kindly see below:

  • 8.   What function could do while work with bluetooth pairing mode?
    1)We could control taking picture/recording video with the native camera by switch shooting mode manually.
    2)Compatible with the third-party App, which could be control recording video by the volume “+”.
  • 9.  9.How to switch to portrait mode?
    Double tap the Mode button.

  • 10.  10.How to switch working mode?
    Single tap the Mode button, switching between Roll follow mode and Lock mode.

  • 11.  The gimbal do not horizontal, and will be drifting, how to fix?
    Please initialize the gimbal, kindly see step below:
    When gimbal is on, fifth tap the Mode button to start initialization, initialization will be done automatically (After fifth tap, we could hear one beep sound, after initialize is done, there will be another beep).
  • 12.  After connecting the bluetooth with Feiyu On, how to switch taking picture mode to recording video mode?
    Long press the shutter button for about 3-5 seconds.
  • 13.  Could the Feiyu On App support upgrade the firmware?
    The Feiyu On App could not support Vimble One to upgrade the firimware.
  • 14.  How long does Vimble One take to charge fully?
    It will take around 2 hours, recommending using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery. The indicator is red while charging. When the battery is fully charged, it turns to green.
  • 15.  Does Vimble One waterproof?
    Vimble on is not waterproof.
  • 16.   Is there any abnormal sound with the gimbal?
    Switching shooting mode from portratit to landscape when the gimbal is in lower battery, in this case, there is an abnomal sound with gimbal. You could figure out whether or not the gimbal is in lower battery from the indicator, the red light will be flashes with three times.
  • 17.   After pairing the bluetooth between Vimble One and smartphone on previously, it could not connecting automatically while restart the gimbal, how to fix?
    Please check whether or not the smartphone’s bluetooth were paired with 5 devices, if yes, please clean the devices, which are no need to connecting bluetooth with the smartphone. After clean, pairing the bluetooth with Vimble One again.
    (The quantity for the smartphone pairing bluetooth with other devices: Huawei 10 ≥ 5 ; Nova 3e ≥ 7; MEIZU Note5 ≥ 7; OPPO Find X ≥ 10; iPone 11 Pro ≥ 20)
  • 18.   Pairing with bluetooth successfuly, but unable to control taking picture, how to fix?
    1)Please check if the bluetooth were connected properly, If yes, please back to the phone’s main interface, then sigle tap the shutter button on the gimbal if there the gimbal could control the phone’s volumb. Kindly see below:

    2)Please run the bluetooth setting on your smartphone, then forget or cancel pairing the gimbal’s bluetooth. Closing the bluetooth and open it again ,next, pairing the bluetooth again.
    3)Please make sure your smartphone could be control recording video by the volume “+”.