VLOG pocket 2(FAQ)

  • 1.  What should I do if I can’t turn on the gimbal properly?
    Please check the indicator light:
    Case 1: After turning on the gimbal, the indicator light turns solid red immediately, the motors don’t work and the gimbal beeps.
    Make sure to unlock all the axis, then hold the gimbal handle and triple press the function button to wake it up, or reboot the gimbal by holding the power button.

    Case 2: The indicator flashes red light and the gimbal shutdown automatically.
    This means the battery is low and needs to be charged.
    Case 3: The indicator will not light up when holding the power button.
    Plugin the USB charger and see if indicator lights up, if yes, charge it until it turns green. If not, the gimbal is faulty.
    Case 4: The indicator flashes blue quickly. This means gimbal is faulty and needs repair.
  • 2.  What should I do when the APP says “gimbal overload”? Why it can only be used for a few minutes after fully charged?
    Make sure the smartphone weights less than the maximum payload of the gimbal, mount the phone on the center and then move left or right to make it balanced. (If not well balanced, The motors will consume additional power for balancing)

  • 3.   Where can I download the APP?
    Search “Feiyu ON”on APP Store or Google Play Store to download the APP. For the first time to use the APP, it requires logging in by phone number or Email account.
  • 4.  What should I do if the APP can't detect the Bluetooth of the device?
    If there is green light flashes periodically (which means connected state), please disconnect with previous connected device, or push down the joystick and double-click the power button to clear the Bluetooth pairing, and then restart the gimbal and try connecting again.
  • 5.  What should I do if the connection with APP fails?
    Please clear up the Bluetooth connection on gimbal, restart the gimbal and connect again.
  • 6.  What kind of phones are supported for Bluetooth pairing mode?
    A:The following requirements must be met:
    1)Pressing the volume up button on the phone can take photo by the native camera APP.

    2)Give “input device”permission to the paired device (the gimbal).
  • 7.  What functions are supported in Bluetooth pairing mode?
    Supports controlling the native camera APP to take photos and record videos. It does not support switching between photo mode and video mode.
    Third-party camera APP is supported if pressing the volume up button can take a photo.
  • 8.  How to switch to portrait mode??
    Double press the M button.
  • 9.  How to switch between different modes?
    Single press the M button to switch between 2 modes, which by default are pan follow mode and pan&tilt follow mode.
    These 2 modes can be customized, choosing from pan&tilt mode, pan mode, all follow mode and Inception mode.
  • 10.   How to switch camera functions / modes quickly on the APP interface?
    Click the power button to launch the mode switching menu, push the joystick to select the mode you want, and then click the power button to confirm.

  • 11.  After upgrading the firmware, the gimbal can’t be turned on properly, what should I do?
    Restart the gimbal and connect with the APP, and then upgrade again.
  • 12.   The gimbal can’t be turned on properly after firmware upgrade, what should I do?
    Restart the gimbal, connect to the APP and upgrade again.
  • 13.  What should be paid attention to during the gimbal firmware upgrade.
    During the upgrade process, the gimbal must be on, and the APP must be kept in foreground.
  • 14.  When using the joystick to control the tilt axis, the pan axis will move for a little bit, it this normal?
    Yes, this is normal.
  • 15.  Why does the pan axis shake when the tilt axis is manually pulled?
    The rotatable range of the tilt axis is -40° to 40°, exceeding the range will cause the pan axis to shake.
  • 16.  Can I shoot panoramas in portrait mode?
    This is supported by Android phones, but not by iPhones.
  • 17.  Can I switch between rear camera and front-facing camera for Feiyu ON App?
    Yes, you can do that by triple tapping the trigger button.
  • 18.  Can I switch between photo mode and video mode for Feiyu ON App?
    Yes, you can do that by double tapping the power button.
  • 19.  What to do if problems such as non-level, non-centering or drifting occur?
    You can calibrate the gimbal by initializing it:
    Tap the function button 5 times and wait until the indicator flashes blue light 3 times at a time, tap the function button again to wake it up.
  • 20.  What is the default mode after the initialization?
    After finishing the initialization, the gimbal will be in pan&tilt follow mode.
  • 21.  What is the battery capacity and how long is the battery life?
    The battery capacity is 1300 mAh, workign voltage is 7.4 V.
    The standby battery life is 9 hours. (tested mobile phone: Vivo X30 Pro)
  • 22.  How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
    It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge by a 5V/2A power adapter.
    Charging status: the indicator keeps constant red.
    Fully charged status: the indicator turns to constant green.
  • 23.  What is the normal working temperature of the gimbal?
  • 24.  How to switch to lock mode?
    A: Press and hold the trigger button to switch to lock mode, release to go back to previous mode.
  • 25.  What is the difference between all follow mode and Inception mode?
    In all follow mode, pushing the joystick left or right controls the pan axis, while in Inception mode, pushing the joystick left or right controls the roll axis.
  • 26.   How to switch to Action Mode?
    Press and hold the trigger button to switch to lock mode, wherein the gimbal follows quicker, but it is still in the current follow mode.
  • 27.  How to switch to the exhibition mode?
    Push down the zoom slider and tap the trigger button 5 times, then release the zoom slider to enter exhibition mod. When in exhibition mode, double press the trigger button or push down the zoom slider to quit.
  • 28.  I can’t use the face tracking function, am I doing something wrong?
    Smart tracking has been implemented to the latest version of Feiyu ON and it is turned on by default. Click or draw a square on the face/object to track; it depends on the hardware performance of the phone for how well it works.