Feiyu SCORP-Mini 2(FAQ)

  • 1.  What types of shooting equipment can SCORP-Mini 2 be used with?
    Feiyu Scorp-Mini 2 supports mirrorless cameras, compact digital cameras, action cameras and smartphones.
  • 2.  How long does it take to fully charge? Does it support fast charging? How long can a fully-charged battery last?
    It supports up to 9V-2A (18W) fast charging. With 9V-2A charging power, the charging time is a bit less than 2 hours. With 5V-2A charging power, it takes about 3 hours to be fully charged. After fully charged, the battery life is about 10 hours when placed statically. (the specific battery life depends on the use scenario)
  • 3.  In what aspects does the Scorp-Mini 2 improve compared to its predecessor?
    1. The joystick has been improved: the user experience has been optimized, and it’s not slippy anymore;
    2.The camera can now be mounted vertically;
    3.When used with a smartphone, you can rotate the phone holder 90° to switch between horizontal and vertical shots;
    4.Supports Bluetooth connection with some cameras;
    5.Built-in AI tracking feature.

  • 4.  What is the maximum load that the Scorp-Mini 2 can carry? What is its own weight?
    Maximum load is 1200g (when balanced) and its own net weight is 852g (detachable parts not included)
  • 5.  What apps can I use with Scorp-Mini 2?
    1. Feiyu ON (support Android and iOS). When use the gimbal with a smartphone, the Feiyu ON not only supports taking photos and videos, but also provides more functions such as panorama, tracking time-lapse, Dolly Zoom, gesture control, and smart tracking. Gimbal firmware upgrade is also supported by the app.
    2.Feiyu Scorp, (supports Android and iOS). When the gimbal is used with the camera for shooting, it provides various functions such as tracking time-lapse, track video, panoramic, and motion-sensor remote control. Gimbal firmware upgrade is also supported with the app.
  • 6.  Does Scorp-Mini 2 support controlling other apps or other devices for shooting besides Feiyu ON?
    Yes, the Scorp-Min 2 can control your phone's stock camera to take pictures and start/stop video recording after pairing Bluetooth with the phone. It also supports controlling Gopro. It can also be connected to some cameras via cable or Bluetooth so as to control the camera to take photos and videos.
  • 7.  After turning on the gimbal, it shutdown automatically, what should I do to resolve this issue?
    1. Please check whether the gimbal is in low battery state, if so, please turn it on again after fully charged. When the gimbal is off, you can press the power button to check the current battery percentage.
  • 8.  After powering on, the gimbal automatically enters sleep mode, how to solve it?
    Please make sure all three axes are unlocked, then press the power button to wake up the gimbal. After that, go to the menu and find the horizontal calibration option , then perform the horizontal calibration process.
  • 9.  For the first time I turn on the gimbal, or after changing camera from one to another, the gimbal keeps wobbling up and down or vibrating at a high frequency, what should I do to resolve it?
    1. Make sure the three knobs attached with the sliding arms as well as all other screws have been tightened.
    2. Go to Motor Power setting and perform an Auto Tune process. For longer lenses, you may need to use the lens holder to help fixing the camera/lens.
    3. If the problem still exists after doing the Auto Tune, you can manually adjust the power values for each motor, until the wobbling/vibration stops.

  • 10.  Does the gimbal support powering the camera?
    It can charge the devices that supports the USB Power Supply Protocol.
  • 11.  For heavier cameras, when adjusting the balance, it is hard to move the sliding arm and the knob can't be tightened, what should I do about this?
    Use one hand to lift the supporting arm upward to reduce friction, and then use the other hand to move the sliding arm left and right to adjust it, that will be more easily.
  • 12.  What is the maximum distance for my smartphone to control the gimbal?
    The maximum control distance is about 15m, and the distance varies accordingly in different environments for different smartphones.
  • 13.  After powering on, the initial state of the gimbal is not level, and only after a period of time does it slowly return to level, what should I do to solve this?
    Perform a horizontal auto-calibration.
  • 14.  What should I do if Feiyu Scorp/Feiyu ON cannot search and find the gimbal Bluetooth?
    1. It is possible that you are connecting with a phone that you previously connected with, you need to find that phone and then cancel the connection. You can also unpair on current phone while also cleaning the pairing cache on the gimbal, and then connect again after restarting the gimbal.
  • 15.  How do I clear the pairing cache?
    Long press F1+F2 keys, then restart the gimbal to clear the pairing cache. The pairing state on your phone should also be cleared, otherwise you will not be able to build up the connection.
  • 16.  What kinds of face tracking methods are supported?
    1. Face tracking with Feiyu ON app.
    2. Scorp-Mini 2 itself comes with a built-in tracking module for face tracking when used with a camera or the stock camera app on the smartphone.
  • 17.  How to perform face tracking with Feiyu ON app?
    1. Just manually frame the face in the recording preview interface; 2. After opening the gesture recognition function in the setting menu, you can start face tracking directly with the OK gesture; 3. After pressing the trigger button, it will start tracking the face.
  • 18.  How do I activate the tracking function of the built-in AI tracking module?
    After toggling on the AI Power option in the gimbal menu, use the OK gesture to start tracking, or long press the F1 button to start tracking. (Triple press F1 button to quickly toggle on/off AI Power option)
  • 19.  Why doesn't the camera connection status show up on the gimbal screen after connecting with a Fujifilm or Panasonic camera?
    Cameras from both brands use the audio jack as the connection and control channel, and the transmission protocol dictates that it does not support displaying the connection status on the gimbal screen.
  • 20.  How to check the firmware version information on the gimbal?
    On the home page of the screen, swipe left from the right edge > More Settings > Version Information.
  • 21.  I can’t connect to the WiFi in the app, or the update process fails when trying to update the Bluetooth firmware, what should I do to resolve this problem?
    (1) Make sure the WiFi SSID contains no characters besides English characters, otherwise it will not be shown up in the app; make sure the gimbal is in the WiFi coverage area; make sure that your WiFi network is working normally; Make sure the bandwidth of the WiFi is 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz.
    (2) Unlike other kinds of firmware, Bluetooth firmware is upgraded through WiFi network, so you need to enter the correct password of your WiFi. Make sure the password contains no spaces, otherwise it will not connect successfully.
    (3) If the update fails, please restart the gimbal and the APP and try to update again. Or switch to another WiFi network and update the Bluetooth firmware again.
  • 22.  How do I use the AI tracking feature?
    1. Make sure the AI Power is toggled on (AI indicator turns red)
    2.Use “OK” gesture to:
    (1) Start face tracking. (AI indicator turns green)
    (2) Stop face tracking. (AI indicator turns red)
    3. Use five fingers (both right and left hand supported) to take a picture or start/stop video recording. (AI indicator flashes 3 times)
    4. Use reverse thumbs gesture to exit face tracking. (AI indicator turns red)
    5. Use double L-shaped Gesture to customize the composition
    After using the double L-shaped gesture to start the composition, the indicator will flash with green light. When the character moves to the position that you to be, raise this gesture again to complete the composition. (the indicator turns solid green)